Flat Oil Bowling Event Interest List

Saturday, January 27, 2018, Mid-Day

I'm organizing a flat oil bowling tournament to be hosted at the Epicenter in Klamath Falls, OR. There will be a prize fund for every game bowled and for each game half the field will win money, a 1:2 payout ratio. 

The goal of this is to make this an experiential bowling tournament and to keep the stress levels down. This is a super hard pattern; I want the event to be fun, not just about being the best bowler for the day.

This is not a signup or commitment to bowl. This is just an interest list. If you are interested in this event please let me know and I'll keep you informed on details... and when the time comes to officially commit to bowling you'll be among the first people I contact.

Interested? Fill in the three boxes and let me know. Thanks.

-Brian Mounts

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